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You want to be able to stick your hands up their es like a sockpuppet. To send in security to bust up the omni of anyone who criticizes company policy. To be able to suspend pay on the flimsiest of grounds. This isn't about safety. It's about control. With the dot mike lodged inside my throat, I didn't know how well it would capture the sound in the room. I let my mouth hang open. Shelby flashed her eyes, then shook her head at my lobotomized expression. Maybe, Linigan shrugged. Whole point is we don't know how it'll go down out there. We need total power to react. What if a group of colonists was planning something you thought could put the colony at risk? Would you arrest them? bucuresti He narrowed one eye at me. Of course. After a proper investigation, Go said. I smiled. By Olympian Atomics security, after being authorized by an Olympian Atomics judge. No, I don't think so, Linigan said. With the amount of monitoring we'll be doing, we'll hardly need imobiliare bucuresti some judge to decide whether we've got enough intel for a warrant. Let's get back on track here, Shelby said. I pressed on. Private soldiers, overseen by you, ordered in whenever your taps turn up something you don't like. That's what you want for them. For their good. Go cleared his throat. Well, right, in an emergency, right? If you think about it, you'll come to see, I think, the best way to handle an emergency is to never have it in the first place. I don't think they'll mind us listening to their omnis if it means we get to their disgruntled neighbor before he has a chance to blow a hole in a dome wall. Why would someone want to do that? I said. Unless he was upset that his bossgovernment was spying on everything he said and arresting him without a warrant. We're talking about our property, Linigan said. We have the legal right to protect it. Rob. Shelby laid a firm hand on my arm. This isn't productive. I think it is. I glanced out the window. I think it's something people need to hear. Linigan smiled with half his mouth. Expecting someone? It's just you and us. Now let's come up with something both of us can swallow. He and his team guided the talks back toward neutral ground, speaking in sanitized terms about the need for the option of imobiliare bucuresti control and chaos aversion. I dropped out as Shelby, Linigan, Becky, Go, and the till-then-silent Calbert ered over looking at a modified consutional monarchy google with OA acting as regent. You get all that, Fay? I subvocalized several minutes later. Yup. What are you doing? Taking the fight to them. I don't think it worked. I had underestimated how long it took to call friends, process what they'd heard, chug some coffee, find some markers and old sheets, inform your boss you had a family emergency, meet up and march through the domes. A full hour after my stab at executive-baiting, the imobiliare bucuresti first chants filtered through our high window like distant surf. The droopy-e woman's fingers clacked over her omni. She excused herself, returning a minute later to whisper into Linigan's ear. He fixed me with a stare as cold as the ice beyond the bubbles. I told you this was proprietary information. No broadcasts are allowed. Guess I should have signed those NDAs with my real name. I shoved away from the table's confused faces. A hundred feet below the window, a thousand-person throng yelled slogans and waved hastily-painted banners.